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Do while loop in C Programming

Do while loop in C This loop is useful to execute a group of statements repeatedly as long as a condition is true. Once the condition becomes false, the loop terminates. Syntax: do{        statements;         }while(condition); First, the compiler executes all the statements and then tests the condition. If the condition is true, then […]

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If else statement in C Programming

If else statement in C This statement is useful to execute a task depending upon whether a condition is true or not. Syntax: if(condition)        statements1;         [else statements2;] if the condition is true, then statement1 will be executed. If the condition is false, then the statement2 will be executed. The else part is written […]

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Operators in C Programming

Table of Contents 1. Operators 2. Arithmetic Operators 3. Assignment Operators Operators in C Operators: Operators are used in programs to manipulate data and variables. If an operator acts on a single variable, then it is called ‘Unary Operator’. If an operator acts on two variables then it is called ‘Binary operator’. If an operator […]

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C Input Output Functions

C Input Output Functions. C Statements: There are two types of C Statements. 1.Input Statements 2.Output Statements The data given to a program is called ‘Input’ and the result given by the program is called ‘Output’. A function can be imagined as a set of statements aimed to perform a task. [su_table responsive=”yes” fixed=”yes”] Input […]

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Data Types in C

Data Types in C Datatypes:   Datatypes represent the type of data stored in a variable. Primary datatypes: These data types represent a single value. It means they store only one value. char: The data types represent only one character, like N, n, 8,*? etc. Char data type takes only 1 byte of memory. char […]

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