How To Prepare For Gate Computer Science

How To Prepare For Gate Computer Science

  • Clear your basics.
  • Start your preparation with DMS as it is very very important subject.
  • Study simultaneously two subjects else you will get bored.(Depends on you)
  • Every day 2–3 hours regular study is enough for gate preparation.
  • As soon as you complete the topic, solve the Previous year gate question papers or exercise problems given at end of chapter in book.
  • Repeat the procedure same for all subjects.
  • Revision is very important,
  • Follow cycle “Learn-Test-Analyze-improve-Learn-Test-Analyze-Improve”
  • Solve 1 Aptitude problems daily.

Prepare Time table.

  1. Fix small targets like i will complete this and this topic in this week, concept building lean more and more concepts and learn them by heart.
  2. Every day make list of topics you will cover by night strive to achieve the target and if you fail have a new start morning.
  3. Take short breaks of about 10–15 minutes after 2 & 3 hours of study.
  4. Test series is must for joining Speed+accuracy.
  5. Most of the questions patters are repeating.
  6. Collect questions and answers subjects wise.
  7. Do this for all subjects and you will see repeating the pattern.
  8. Solve papers (each and every question) this would cover 50% of marks in gate.
  9. Most problems unsolvable at first site each problem is taken from some reference books.
  10. Collect formulas in blank paper.

I suggest you to study subjects in following order!

  1. DS+C+Algorithms
  2. TOC+CD
  3. Maths
  4. LD+CO+OS
  5. DBMS+CN
  6. General Aptitude!

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